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Litha at Christmas

Litha means Summer. Winter is Yule, Yule is celebrated in the northern hemisphere and connected to the pine tree, chimney (light coming through the north chakra) and gift giving. it’s also the birth of light! The birth of Christ (Christ-mas)


It’s always a little confusing working with the external seasons because we celebrate these days and have no idea where it stems from and why we celebrate it. Society and clever elites have taken this day and made it into a money-making marketing scheme for over consumption, taking away the beauty and pure divine light that Christ-mas is, while disconnecting the people more and more from the sacred time.


The desires, lust and gluttony grow within the people as they forget all about the true meaning of Christmas. It’s easy to do now the world is run by these 1%.

This season, regardless of your religion or where you are in the world is a very special time of year. It reminds us that magic is all around us! It’s a fixed date celebration of light.


In Australia we are celebrating the Summer Solstice. It’s the solar plexis (manipura chakra) the activation from the sun is radiating our inner mother of creation. It’s our ovulation phase where we are celebrating life at the peak of joy. I see and feel rays of gold when I tune into the energy of Litha.


The powerful and magical time of year was used to the advantage of our ancestors and mystical beings of our time. Archaeologists say stone hedge, the Mayan and Egyptian pyramids were constructed during the time of the summer solace as it’s such a sacred time at full solar peak and magical power to mark time.


Some ways to celebrate Litha and Christmas.

-Gift giving, thoughtful and heart centred gifts for loved ones, you don’t need to spend a lot, maybe a photo in a frame or home baked sweets is a great idea. Also writting love letters to your friends is very special.


-Celebrating outside in the sun, receiving solar energy for Father sun will restore your energy.


-Dancing and creating more play in your life.


-Fill your home with bright colours and sunflowers.


-This time of year is a celebration of the divine masculine energy. Give thanks to those men in your life.  


Christmas for me is deep connection and intimacy. In person connection with family and friends is so important during this time of year so I will be taking a break from social media. I'll be off and on socials to spread the vibrations coming from the magical portals of the upcoming retreats, but I feel a huge pull to get off the screens and focus on what is important. If you need to reach out please email me at

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