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Welcome to Light of Alchemy,

My name is Amanda and I am a intuitive healer and reader. I work on the beautiful Sunshine Coast where I create my magic! 

My space is warm, inviting and amongst the trees in Mother Nature. 

I offer Reiki healing sessions, home clearings, and I'm also an Access consciousness practitioner. 

I facilitate events on the Sunshine Coast to create a community of like minded people.

My services will help give you clarity, peace and a higher connection to source energy. 

Follow me for more information on our full moon ceremonies, feminine embodiment chakra dancing and circle meditation gatherings. 

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My Story

Hello beautiful people.

My name is Amanda, Cancer, Capricorn ☀️ Gemini.

I am a mother, a mystic and alchemist. 

My alchemy is through glamour magic on Belle of the Bay as a makeup artist and through internal growth and spiritual development here on Light of Alchemy. 

Ever since I can remember I have had an obsession with spirituality. It started in the Catholic Church as a child and now it's interconnected far and wide, expanding through ancient universal law and physics. 


I am obsessed with the mysteries of the unseen, gardening and the elementals.

I dance everyday and listen to a wide range of music. From Mozart to 2pac 🤪 

At the moment I am learning all about the dark ages, Christ, art and mysticism. I love learning all about ancient civilisations and hidden spiritual wisdom throughout history. 

My favourite service with Light of Alchemy is house clearings because the results are so evident and the whole family gets to witnesses this magic too. It instantly creates peace and harmony back into the home, helping the children and animals also stay in a high frequency. 


I have broken free of alcohol addition almost 12 month ago, after being in an internal prison for over 23 years. It’s the most freeing feeling ever!! I am recovering from adrenal fatigue after being clean and from PTSD and past trauma, but I’m getting stronger everyday! 


I have also recovered from years of chronic pain, after being told I needed spinal surgery last year in 2022. I healed myself!! One of my proudest moments was breaking free from physical pain. 


Most people would say these things are miracles but I now know how to transmute dark into light with universal wisdom. 

I can feel your pain and help empower you to heal yourself.

My purpose is to empower people and to help them remember their roots and intuition, guiding them back to nature. 

I am a cycle breaker for my children and grandchildren. They are the biggest reason why I do this work. 


🌹One generation plants trees, another gets the shade ~Chinese proverb 


Amanda Dyer 


Beaming you all love and light. I hope to meet you soon

0432 247 437

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