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Welcome to Light of Alchemy,

My name is Amanda and I am a intuitive healer and reader. I work on the beautiful Sunshine Coast where I create my magic! 

My space is warm, inviting and amongst the trees in Mother Nature. 

I offer Reiki healing sessions, home clearings, and I'm also an Access consciousness practitioner. 

I facilitate events on the Sunshine Coast to create a community of like minded people.

My services will help give you clarity, peace and a higher connection to source energy. 

Follow me for more information on our full moon ceremonies, feminine embodiment chakra dancing and circle meditation gatherings. 

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My Story

I was born a healer with clairvoyant gifts, but didn't realize, I hid them away to blend into the crowd. I was a people pleaser.

As a young child I always had an awareness of something greater than the physical world. 

Growing up with a very Catholic background, I was always fascinated in the spiritual realms, I questioned everything!

I took all my teachings from my religious education and created my own type of spirituality. SOURCE energy without the labels, just my truth, my knowing. 

I have gone deep into the shadows (The darkness and deep wounds), working through all my own insecurities, programming, conditioning and unveiling the many veils we all have, to finally find the true me! 

I can tap into past lives, spirits and receive messages from guides and universal light energy. I work and channel only with the LIGHT.

My mission is help others find their light, connect with like-minded souls and create a community where we are FREE! Free to be our true selves. 

My journey has thrown me into a passion of healing others. Reiki and Access Bars helps you connect to your higher self to discover what truly makes you happy without limitations.

I created this business in honour of my Grandmother Joy, she always encouraged me to explore my spirituality and taught me all about crystals, Wicca and the earth elements. She continues to guide me and always believed in my gifts.


Thank you for taking the time to getting to know me.

Amanda x


Amanda Dyer 


Beaming you all love and light.

I hope to meet you soon

0432 247 437

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