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Celebrating Beltane

Us, as nature beings are part of the cycles, the seasons of the earth and the cosmos, that's why I find working with the wheel of the year so powerful!

We feel the changes of seasons and energy within us and this cyclical nature should be celebrated, that’s why I have created a retreat around this time. Honouring the land while reflecting on the internal season change and bloom 🌸

It's important to see the changes that's occurring in our external environment in nature as it gives as a visual representation of whats happening internally (physically and psychologically) for us as women.

What is Beltane?

Beltane in the southern hemisphere starts on October 31st and ‘May Day’ is November 1st. It's the climax of Spring!

Beltane is the celebration of spring and change of season. It’s the peak of spring! It’s midway between the Spring equinox and Summer solstice. The flowers are blooming, the fruit is abundant and there is an energy of joy in the air!

It's one of the ‘Greater Sabbats’ or ‘cross-quarter days’ in the Wheel of the Year. The Greater Sabbats are fire festivals that were often celebrated at the time of the new or full moon, with communities coming together to celebrate around a great fire.

It’s the tradition that the ancients have respected and worked with, since the beginning of time. Some call it Beltane, some call it spring, some call it the birth of light.

Historically, Beltane was widely observed throughout Ireland, Scotland, and the Isle of Man. In Britain and Northern Europe it has merged into May Day.

Beltane is one of three nights during the year when the veil between the spirit world and ours is said to be at its thinnest; the other two are the Summer Solstice and Samhain. Many believe that at such times of the year, a portal also opens between the fairy world and our own, making connections with magical beings possible.

People play and dance around maypoles celebrating, love passion and the vitality of spring.

Flower crowns are made to celebrate fertility, renewal and birth. Birch twigs were traditionally used to make broomsticks for spring cleaning.

Some Irish dairy farmers hang a garland of green boughs over their door at Beltane. This will bring them great milk production from their cows during the coming summer. Also, driving your cattle between two Beltane bonfires helps protect your livestock from disease.

Old tales of women trying to conceive would go out on May Eve the last night of April (northern hemisphere) and find a "birthing stone to conceive.

This is the season of coming into ovulation.

Some ways to celebrate this season

Play and get creative! Remembering the energy of Beltane is in alignment with the archetype of the young maiden who first gets her bleed. She is creative, joyous, focused and fun!

-Maypole dancing

-Flower crown making

-Earth pulsing meditation

-Elemental magic and meditation


-Bon fire and dancing with friends and family.

This is a time of celebration! A time to show gratitude for the fertility and growth within you and on the land surrounding you.

What goddess to work with during this time?

Flora had her own flower festival, Floralia, which was held between April 28th and May 3rd, around the same time as Beltane, and she symbolises sensuality, love, devotion, romance, fertility, youth, ecstasy and pleasure.

Flora is the Roman goddess of flowers and the season of spring.

During Beltane in May in the northern hemisphere, is sacred time for celebrating Beltane, traditionally a Celtic fire festival to bring back fertility to the land.

The festival symbolized the renewal of the cycle of life, celebration and flowers. The festival named “The Floralia” was first instituted in 240 B.C.E.

Flora would help flourish the land, bringing crops and flowers to life ... Elements such as honey or the seeds of different species. Vegetables are considered as gifts that the goddess has given to the human being.

Although she is one of the oldest deities of Roman times she has links to Ancient Greek mythology originally named nymph Chloris was wandering through the countryside one spring day, she was seen by the god of the wind Zephyr , who immediately fell in love with her beauty. The god, falling deeply in love with the nymph, decides to kidnap her, rape her and then to legitimize his act, he decides to marry her, then transforms her into the deity known as Flora after they were married.

Zephyr gave her a beautiful garden that was always flourishing like spring. Flowers and crops.

She had a son Carpus, the God of fruit.

Her worship was established at Rome in the very earliest times, for a temple is said to have been vowed to her by king Tatius in 238 BC.

The resemblance between the names Flora and Chloris led the later Romans to identify the two divinities.

Many people to this day call in the goddess Flora to help crops grow.

Art: Flora goddess of flowers 1697 Luca Giordano

What will you be bringing to your life in this season?

I have this quote that I'm living by this year and its " I choose what ever feels light"

I will be bringing in more joy, play and luxurious self love and rest. Fulling up my cup.

I would love to hear what you will be bringing in during this time.

Please reach out.

Beltane blessings my loves,

Amanda xx

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