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Hello and welcome to this magical portal of self discovery.

As an energy practitioner, I channel high amounts of universal energy, releasing blockages within your body, clearing old patterns and programming that is stopping you from reaching your 

full potential.

My name is Amanda and I absolutely love my work as an energy practitioner, sacred circle, meditation facilitator, spiritual development coach and retreat holder. 

It brings me so much joy to see you find your inner peace, happiness and clarity.

I use my skills as a divine channel, qualified Reiki Master and Bars Access Consciousness practitioner to help balance chakras to heal your mind, body and spirit.
I work with oracle cards, herbology and of course energy! 

I also offer a 1:1 spiritual coaching mentorship to help you connect to the divine and activate your intuitive gifts.  

The Alchemy Healings

The Alchemy healing is a combination of shamanic healing, reiki, quantum physics and metaphysical studies.

As I connect to source energy, I receive messages from spirit clearing past trauma and anything that is holding you back from reaching your highest potential. 

My healing sessions are a very different and unique experience. It is a relaxing session, where you will be supported throughout. 

My type of healing sessions can help with anxiety, depression, addiction and so much more. 

It’s almost like setting the reset button on your mind, it brings you into a another level of consciousness where anything is possible. 

Mother Earth is my church.
The earth is the living embodiment of the goddess. 
We're connected to her and every living thing on the planet

~Wild WomenSisterhood~

The 1:1 spiritual development and coaching 

Are you wanting to connect to the divine and your higher self but don't know where to start? 

This 8 week course is perfect for you! 

Connect to spirit and reclaim your power. Step into a new version of yourself while learning how you use your psychic abilities.

2x Reiki healing sessions 

Channeled, guided meditations made just for you!

Learn about past lives and different dimensions.

Learn how to connect to your intuition and read the tarot and oracle cards for yourself and others.

Release past trauma and stagnant energy that is holding you back from reaching your highest potential.



Amanda Dyer 

Light of Alchemy

0432 247 437

Book in your free 30 min clarity call

Still unsure if this mentorship is for you? Are you wanting more clarity on the services provided and have more questions before diving into the program? Then this 30 min call will answer all those questions you have. I will be happy to answer any questions or concerns via Zoom or Voxer.


Olivia Jenkinson

Wow, where to start! Amanda was so welcoming and nurturing from the beginning. I loved starting the session with the reading, it really set the tone for the session and I felt so inspired.

Throughout my entire session I kept having chills and goosebumps! it was crazy but I loved it, you are magic! 

I left feeling so relaxed, inspired and transformed after the reiki. I honestly felt amazing.

You read energy so well.

Thanks again, I can't wait for more sessions in the future  

Sarah Fox

I'm so thankful for our connection Amanda.

I knew our paths crossed for a reason, you've been such a shining light in my darkest moments.

Since our session my whole family feels lighter and even the kids are sleeping better.  

Skye Dekuyper

Amanda offers the most safe, comfortable and supportive space. She speaks to your soul and helps transmute any unhealed energy, restoring your body to a zero point white light energy. The unconditional love you feel will help shift and transform your vibration, allowing you to connect to all the infinite possibilities of the universe and your divine purpose within it.

I highly recommend giving yourself this beautiful gift, or sharing this as a gift to a loved one 

Green Forest

Distance Reiki Meditation

Meditation, reiki 10.00 am
00:00 / 24:28
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