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The Fae

Laughter echoes through whimsical groves so bright,

Maypole spins in Spring's dance, a pure delight.

The Maiden and her inner child, in airy embrace,

Breathe in the scent of dandelions, in their sacred space.


The Element of Air is connected to the young Maiden, Spring and the direction of the East.



Activiate the element of Air within you to bring forward your inner child. This elemental helps aid with movement, clarity and helps you create new ideas.

Use in healing sessions such as reiki and prayer while activating the heart chakra.


How to use:

To be used as an aura spray to enhance meditation. Scan the QR code to play guided mediation to connect to the Fae Realm. 

Shake 3 times, spray above the crown and around the heart. 


Alchemy process

Bergamot - Joy, abundance, balance and strength 

Grapefruit - Boosts optimism, natural charm and self condience 

Ylang ylang - Promotes happiness and joy 

Wild orange - Restores physical energy and fosters our creativity 

Patchouli - Sharpens clarity and promotes clear focus 

Rose Quarts- For softening the heart to create unconditional love. 


All elemental mists come with an oragnic cotton bag for storage. 

The Fae Mist

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