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In the depths where azure waters weave their tales,

A mermaid's essence in the mist prevails.

With whispers soft as the ocean's song,

She guides your spirit where you belong.


This elemental is connected to the season of Autumn, the archetype of the Maga and the direction of the West.



Activate the element of water to cleanse, purify and wash away heavy emotions.


Use in healing sessions such as reiki while activating the sacral chakra. Also this mist can be used as a cleansing aura or room spray.


How to use:

To be used as an aura spray to enhance meditation and create protection.

Use the QR code to listen to the guided mediation, shake 3x and spray the room and/or around your aura. 


Alchemy process

Peppermint - Chi energy and cools an overactive mind

Lavender - Love, healing and innocence 

Basil - Strength, balance and empathy 

Neroli - Healing of the heart and emotions

Clear quartz crystal - Cleansing and purification 


All elemental mists come with an oragnic cotton bag for storage. 


Mermaid Mist

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