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Home clearing package is for anyone that wants to create a ritual and clear any home, room, office or workspace. You don’t need to have any experience, just loving intentions.

Smudging is an ancient practice that a lot of indigenous and shamanic cultures perform. Smudging cleanses the energy and removes negative energies when set with intention.

This package was created for you to clear and call in more peace and harmony into your own home.


Included is:

-Home grown reiki infused herbs for protection and cleansing.

- A grade double point clear quarts wand.

- 2 white candles for cleansing.

- 1X cleansing, protection and luck spell jar.

- Invocation and ritual for you to say out loud to cleanse your home.


This package is discounted at 10% off for anyone who wants to book in for a professional full home clearing using Seichim and Reiki with a frequency upgrade.

Please go to services and book in for the house clearing and mention you would like this package as well.