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Amidst the woodlands, where mushrooms thrive,

Their earthy essence keeps spirits alive.

Wise old gnome, in harmony's delight,

Guiding us through the veils of the night.


This elemental is connected to the season of Winter, the archetype of the Crone and the direction of the South. 



Activate the element of Earth to relax, calm and ground your energy.

Use in healing sessions such as reiki while activating the root chakra. Also this mist can be used at the end of a healing to anchor and integrate the healing.


How to use:

To be used as an aura spray to enhance meditation, connect to the physical body and the earth.

Shake 3 times, spray around the aura or spray on the soils of the feet.


Alchemy process:

Patchouli - Sharpens clarity and promtes clear focus

Serbian Fir - Fertility, life and immortality 

Wild orange - Restores Physical energy

Amethyst quarts crystal - Intuition and protection


All elemental mists come with an oragnic cotton bag for storage. 

Gnome Mist

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