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Beneath the golden rays of the summer sun,

Where myths and legends intertwine, undone,

The solar plexus, a warrior's domain,

A beacon of strength, a fiery domain.


This elemental is connected to the Solar plexus, the season Summer, The mother architype and the direction of the North.



Activate the element of fire within to enhance confidence, take fiery action and create passion.

Use in healing sessions such as reiki while activating the solar plexus chakra. Also this mist can be used as a energic protection mist.


How to use:

To be used as an aura spray to enhance meditation and create protection.

Shake 3 times, listen to the guided mediation on the QR code, spray around your aura or use as a room spray for protection. 


Alchemy process

Cedarwood - Grounding and soothing action 

Rosemary - Protection, cleansing negitive energy 

Lemon - Psychic awarness and clairty 

Lavender - Love and healing 

Black tourmaline crystal - Protection and strength 


All elemental mists come with an oragnic cotton bag for storage. 

Dragon Mist

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