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Listening and the connection to the Divine

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

Important message for the month of August.

Magic is everywhere if you open your mind and your perception.

Remember, we are all spiritual beings in this human suit. Spiritually connected to all things! When you first start to wrap your head around this concept you will realize that you are actually magnetic! You can communicate with the elements, with the trees and animals. It’s the law of attraction.

If you have read the book “The Secret” you will understand this philosophy, what we put out to the universe we shall receive. In reality It’s like that, but not so much about the maternal things. The Secret is a little inverted and unconscious when you are working with high frequencies, but it’s a good place to start understanding these universal teachings.

Magic is right under your nose, you just need the ears to hear and the eyes to see, but not in an intellectual way. You can understand with your mind, but does it land in your heart?

You can only see and hear magic when your mind is open, away from the ego.

Have you ever studied something, read all the books but still you can’t seem to remember? It’s because you weren’t really listening with your heart, because you weren’t really there. You were physically there, but spiritually not. Ask yourself where are you? when you are listening to someone. Are you thinking about your own story? The past or how you can fix that person? Are you really listening beyond the 5 senses? Most likely not.

Many of us don’t know how to listen on a deep and spiritual level. We are only taught what we get fed from TV and our unconscious environment. Many of us are operating only from the ego, bringing it back to us and how we can make ourselves feel comfortable. We will do anything to avoid the discomfort, so we overtalk, overshare, interrupt, be loud and pump up our tires to make ourselves feel better, but in fact, insecurities are loud, confidence is quiet.

It doesn’t matter how cool you are, or how amazing your story is, if you can sit and listen and not lose interest in the world around you, you are then working from the 5D, beyond the senses, you are connected with your heart and telepathy.

Listening with your heart and your spiritual senses is a deep telepathic communication. You are listening and communicating with the throat chakra and with the Divine. The element of Air works with the heart and throat chakra which activates clairaudience (clear hearing) We then start to learn to listen when it is not spoken, and how to speak what the heart feels.

Next time you are in a group setting observe others and yourself, it's really interesting how most people engage. You will only create magic when you are out of your head, in the present moment, listening! Listening to the call of your angels and the universe.

Come and join us in circle to really learn more about this practice of listening and holding space. The next circle is Saturday August 19th on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

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