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Celebrating Yule

Winter is here and so is YULE! 22nd June 12.57am AEST Yule is in alignment with Christmas in the Northern Hemisphere. Yule is a pre-Christian celebration, so Christmas got its roots in Yule traditions. You don’t have to be a religious person to celebrate Yule. Personally, I celebrate Yule as I am an earth lover and enjoy celebrating the seasons and witnessing the changes of nature. I appreciate and love Gaia so celebrating her changes encourages me reflect on my own internal changes also. Yule is an ancient solstice festival, celebrating the idea of a birth of light and hope over darkness, as from this night onwards the daylight hours will grow a tiny increment each day and eventually the warmth will return to the earth. During this time food is often scarce, there is little hunting, crops are dead, wood is hard to find and the cold is harsh! (Not where I am from in tropical Queensland) People are indoors, rugged up sharing stories around the fire to keep warm. Gifts are given and the tree brings nature inside. It’s a time of connection and deep intimacy.

Intuitive message for Yule

I keep being shown the spiral in my dreams. The spiral means to travel inwards. It’s a journey inward, every step you take, takes you to your inner self, your shadow work. It’s about reflecting on things from the years past. These are the things you need to face, address and heal.

In the spiral we are being shown the shadows. We are exposed to the shadows of the collective, the truth is being exposed (finally!!) and within this external exposure there is internal exposure and growth. Remember, what you are feeling on the inside reflects on the external too.

During this time, it's important to hold space for yourself and love yourself. As you walk back out of the spiral, you are healing with each step. It’s all the things we deal with in dark, acknowledging them, honouring them.

Going out of the spiral is more growth and awakening leading to more light. It’s the cycle of death and rebirth. It's all part of this earth school.

I have also been given really strong messages for us to let go of old identities as we step into this rite of passage, this next phase of our lives. The initiation process!

Many of us, men and women haven't properly been initiated into manhood or womenhood and we are holding onto the old versions of the wounded masculine and feminine, keeping us small. It's a time to rise but first you must travel down the spiral.

Only the initiated can enter the temple of beauty, grace and light. A lot of people think the temple is a physical place but God/Source is not coming with things that can be observed, it’s not an object or a place. Its within you!

Gaia is producing medicine for us at precisely the right time!

There is an intelligence that weaves through our eco system producing medicine for us when we most need it.

Every animal, insect and plant all play an important role with helping the earth flow in harmony.

Right now there is an abundance of citrus in my garden. Citrus is full of vitamin C and nutrients to help support us at a time when colds and flus are common.

Gaia is always working for us not against us. Always providing, always giving.

I love how nature works in a cycle and so do we as humans. Going in and out of the spiral.

The citrus fruit falling on the earths floor giving energy back to the tree at the end of winter. The tree then grows stronger again durning the spring and summer, it then blooms in autumn, producing fruit. In the winter the fruit begins to fall off the branches again, giving life back to the tree and the earth after death.

Birth, death, rebirth death. It’s eternal just like our souls. Lot's of love,

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