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Ancient Atlantis

Channelling 💫

A civilization of half breeds. Mermaids, giants, fairies and other species of mixed DNA. There were rulers of this civilisation with deep spiritual wisdom and advanced wizardry. The rulers were the embodied version of the divine masculine and the divine feminine who were mostly of alien DNA.

They were super manifesters and knew the law of attraction so well that they would see in their minds and then BOOM it was created! Just like Mother Mary, when she became pregnant with Jesus through immaculate conception, the Atlanteans did this too, but it was only done for the best and highest good for the planet not because of desire or ego. This was created through only love, not with a man and women but it was a creation of love from the womb and to God. Those souls were incarnated masters, archangels, and advanced deities to create more love and divine connection on the planet.

They had advanced technologies (way more advanced than what we have today). A lot of Lemurians came to this sacred land to liberate the civilization from the lemurian cataclysm. The Lemurians held the light torch of liberty, to help bring in balance to the communities. These beings were scattered around like seeds to hold this high vibration on ley lines and earth grids. The Atlantean race created buildings, structures, and resources by chanting, working with crystals and minerals and psychic abilities like clairvoyancy to move the elements. They also worked with the 5th element (love and source) while creating huge cites and worshipping the gods. They knew the universal laws that Jesus had, they knew the wisdom of Buddha and Krishna and all the other great masters, as they were the ones that handed the magic to them. It all began in Atlantis. Over time the Atlanteans became darker, they forgot their divine connection to each other when more power, control and technology became the only purpose for the civilization. War then came! Other galactic beings from other planets were involved in this fall. Some came to help but it was too late.

The universal flood mentioned in many texts is what destroyed Atlantis. It created geological change which was needed to cleanse the planet.

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